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I co-founded and have been running a successful Drupal workshop called AnexusIT. I got into Drupal 6 in early 2008 after working for many years building websites from scratch using PHP and after many months contributing to a couple of PHP projects with the intention to automate the way websites were built. I met Drupal when I had to work with Drupal in a new project/job, that project was a real challenge simply because the deadlines were very tight (surprise surprise) and I had no idea how to start working on that thing. I was even the one who had to lead the way and teach others. Anyway, the process was very frustrating but even that the project was delivered with a delay of a few days I ended up hating the project but loving the CMS platform. My first community event was in 2009 at the 1st Drupal Camp Centroamericano in Nicaragua were I did two lectures and learn a lot about the community and how strong the product could be. After two years working for other’s companies doing Drupal, I took the decision to start the first Drupal oriented workshop in Costa Rica around 2010. AnexusIT was the first company of it’s kind in Central America. I lead the technological and technical areas of the company. I get to wear many hats but Chief Technology Officer is my official title. My favorite role though, is Drupal developer, where I get to motivate, lead, supervise and encourage my peers while still coding for at least 8 hours every single day. After the Drupal Camp Centroamericano in Nicaragua I started to organising Drupal Meetups in Costa Rica and building up the Drupal community in Costa Rica. As result, we organised the 1st Drupal Camp Costa Rica (and 3rd Drupal Camp Centroamericano) in late 2011. We have been hosting this event in Costa Rica yearly with the latest edition being held on August 2014. During all this time I was leading the community in Costa Rica without an official title, because we were lacking a formal structure. To remediate that, in January 2015, we (the community) founded a NGO called “Drupal Costa Rica” where I am the co-founder and first President. We are planning on using the NGO to facilitate the chores of putting together Drupal activities in Costa Rica.
Anexus IT
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8 yeards
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