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  • Marc Isaacson

    I have been building Drupal sites for clients since July of 2010 and currently specialize in using Drupal as a framework to build custom web applications. Since I can personally attest to the fact that the demand for Drupal talent far outstrips the supply, I'm in the process of transitioning to teaching others how to "do Drupal" and am beginning to build a curriculum on Udemy ( I've got only one course published so far and would love any feedback on what I can do to make it absolutely delightful. Sign up for the course for free by visiting Join my newly created Facebook group by visiting Follow me on twitter: Become a member for access to early notification and member only discounts: I look forward to meeting you at camp! Please introduce yourself when you have a chance.

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    Back End Developer


    Isaacson Web Development, LLC

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