DrupalCamp Training

Drupalcamp Colorado is excited to offer the following several outstanding training classes for you to choose from. These are full-day classes offered on June 19th at the King Center on the Auraria Campus, 855 Lawrence Way, Denver, CO.

Lunch is not provided. There are many restaurants in the Tivoli and surrounding area.

Trainers: The projectors use VGA connectors. Registration is at 9:00am when the building is unlocked.

These classes are open to anyone who would like to learn more about Drupal. You do not have to be registered for the camp to attend.

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Site Building and More - A BuildAModule Mentored Training

Date: Friday, June 19th, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

The extensive BuildAModule curriculum allows you to focus on exactly what you need to know. You will only be able to work through a portion of the videos in the classroom, but we give you 8-days of access to the video library so you can start before the training and continue long after the training is over.

In the training, you can focus on one topic, or build up some basics in several topics. We will have experts that are well-versed in all of these and that can help you choose where you start.

User Experience & Design Workshop

This Training is 100% full at this time. 

Date: Friday, June 19th, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Learn how to approach your projects with the fundamentals of user experience & design. This all day course will take you through the approach that we implement with our clients at Aten.

Site Building Training

Date: Friday, June 19th, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Training provided by Lullabot. There are many ways to get your content from the database to the screen in Drupal. In this course, we'll take you on a deep dive into the Panels system and teach you a pragmatic and consistent approach to site architecture.  You'll learn why and how to use panels and the benefits for you, your team, your clients and even the next development team. Bring your laptop if you want to follow along and build your own site!

DevOps 101: Cross Platform Drupal DevOps Training

Date: Friday, June 19th, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Setup your own point-and-click SDLC workflow across hosting companies/platforms using free and open source tools:

+ create dev, test, stage, and prod environments across hosting companies

+ Deploy pre-configured auto-scaling clusters for production sites

+ Work on project across platforms (eg: develop on DO and deploy production to AWS Cluster)

+ backup & restore sites across hosting companies