Tips and Tricks for Legacy Sites

It happens to everyone. We can't only build new sites from scratch. Legacy might mean a site built on Drupal 6 filled with out of date modules, or it could be something recent where the original developers moved on. So, how do I change this one line? What's placing (or not placing) that block on the page? Making changes in either case to an unfamiliar site can be daunting. But, with a few tips and tricks the process can involve slightly less hair loss. I'll provide examples from a number of the sites I've worked on over the last few years.

What Tony Dungy Taught Me About Working With Drupal

In this talk, I'll discuss hypothetical, typical experiences we all face at some time as web developers and the thought process that goes behind how we nagivate through those experiences. Do we rely on old habits? Are those habits good habits? Have we even ever thought of how habits may be affecting how we work?

Let's get meta together! In addition to talking about habits and habit formation, I'll draw on my social psychology background (finally found a use for my original degree!), decision trees, and how we can use these tools to create processes that help expert and novice Drupalers alike better work more efficiently with Drupal.