Design and Information Architecture

Defining Design

Whether it’s designing in the browser, a prototyping tool, or heck, even a photography application, design has to start somewhere. But what’s the best approach? The sooner we let go of our tools and realize that the process is about the outcomes, the sooner we can make meaningful progress designing websites.

The time of Designers handing off full page comps is long gone. As front-end development shifts to more modular approaches, how does design change to better collaborate in this new ecosystem?

Design Is Not About Handing Off, It's About Holding Hands

Where should you draw the line between design and development? You shouldn't!

In this session we will talk about how designers and developers should collaborate on a project from start to finish. We will explore what a designer sees vs what a developer sees in project files, wireframes and research, as well as, the balance between communication and documentation.