Development and Site Building

Migration - How to Tame the Data

Migration has become the standard method to upgrade Drupal sites between major versions and external sources. In this session you will learn how to set up a migration and how to overcome common gotchas. Finally you will learn the current state of migration in Drupal 8 and the differences from Drupal 7. You will leave this session with an improved understanding of how to approach migrations and how to plan for the road ahead.

10 Simple Rules for Making My Site Accessible

From the basic principle that the web should be great for everyone, The Accessibots are invading Denver to present an informative accessibility demo that will rock your world.


The Accessibots are a working group at Lullabot who are passionate about accessibility and want to share their knowledge with everybody!


The goal of this session is to introduce developers and site builders to web accessibility – what it is, why it’s important, and how to build and test sites to make them as accessible as possible. 


Responsive Images in Drupal

Images have always been an especially tricky item in responsive designs. They need to look good in a variety of screen sizes, screen resolutions and minimally impact performance. HTML5 has solved that problem with the new <picture> element, but how do we use that in Drupal? Even trickier, how do we still maintain the level of control and consistency both clients and designers expect from Drupal?