Development and Site Building

Advanced Drupal Security for Developers

Well well well. Let's look at Drupal Security for developers and themers.

First, we'll look at the most common security vulnerabilities that are found in Drupal. Then we'll look at actual ways to exploit those vulnerabilities (with sample exploits you can try out yourself!). Then we'll talke about the ways to fix vulnerabilities. Finally, we'll wrap up the session with some quick tips of management practices and modules to install to make your site more secure.

Specifically this will cover:

Druplex: Drupal 7 RESTful API With Silex

What Is That Dang Thing?

In this talk, we'll cover grafting Silex on to an existing Drupal 7 site so it can provide a RESTful API to the Drupal data.

Specifically, for a crazy edge case of using a virtual world's in-game scripting language you've never heard of (LSL) to query a Drupal 7 site.

The github repo is here:


I needed to do it, and you might need to as well.

Page Layouts with Drupal

There are many ways to acheive complex page layouts in Drupal. A complex page may contain a mix of node content, Drupal Core blocks, Views blocks and other elements. Come learn about different page layout methods including:

  1. Panels
  2. Context
  3. Display Suite
  4. Custom Code

You'll leave with more confidence about when to use a particular layout method and have the knowledge of its pros & cons. 

Create a Mobile Self-guided Tour Using Drupal 8 and PhoneGap

Helpful resources for this session are available at:

We'll explore Drupal 8's built-in web services and use them to power a mobile app "right out of the box". The presentation room will be turned into a museum where close proximity to exhibits will trigger rich content shown on iOS and Android devices (courtesy of D8 website JSON data!).

Translate in Drupal 8: A New Era in Translation Has Begun

Drupal 8's new and improved multilingual tools open a world of translation capabilities for users of the Lingotek Translation contribution module for Drupal. The majority of Drupal 7's contributed multilingual modules have been replaced with just a few Drupal core modules - making D8 more multilingual out of the box. Lingotek builds on top of that increased functionality to offer users a complete translation and localization experience.


Distributions: Learning from Others

Drupal comes with some assembly required.  Drupal core itself is pretty bare bones.  Thanks to several thousand contributed modules, virtually any functionality is possible.  Distributions take those modules, combine them with configuration to serve a specific use case.  There are almost 500 distributions on, so it is possible there’s one that might meet your needs, or a lot of them.

Distributions are also often big, enabling over 100 modules, and notoriously hard to update.

Building on D7

This is an overview of how the new site was built. I'd like to cover the modules that were used such as Beans, Panels, Context etc.... and how they played a role in the site architecture of the new portal. 

Site builders will benefit the most from this session as we:

  • Explore the modules put to use.
  • Go over site architecture.
  • Discuss the Author experience.

The Modules we talk about (for the most part):

CTools Plugins Demystified

In the world of CTools and Panels there's often a bunch of magic that happens in the shadows that does a lot to help you out without your knowing about it.

If you were to shed some light on the shadows and look into the world of CTools plugins, you might find another world of leverage where you can easily bend your content and business logic to your will.

We'll talk about the more basic ones, contet type and access plugins, and then delve inot the fun world of contexts and relationships. There will be code, and death-defying live demonstrations.

Speeding up Drupal 8 development using Drupal Console

The Drupal Console is a suite of tools that you run on a command line interface (CLI) to generate boilerplate code and interact with a Drupal 8 installation.

Drupal Console is another cool addition to the Proudly Invented Elsewhere school of thought as it leverages the Symfony Console component to handle the CLI part.

The goal of this project is provide a tool easy to use for everyone, from developers currently using Drupal 8 and those who are planning to learn.