CTools Plugins Demystified

In the world of CTools and Panels there's often a bunch of magic that happens in the shadows that does a lot to help you out without your knowing about it.

If you were to shed some light on the shadows and look into the world of CTools plugins, you might find another world of leverage where you can easily bend your content and business logic to your will.

We'll talk about the more basic ones, contet type and access plugins, and then delve inot the fun world of contexts and relationships. There will be code, and death-defying live demonstrations.

Speeding up Drupal 8 development using Drupal Console

The Drupal Console is a suite of tools that you run on a command line interface (CLI) to generate boilerplate code and interact with a Drupal 8 installation.

Drupal Console is another cool addition to the Proudly Invented Elsewhere school of thought as it leverages the Symfony Console component to handle the CLI part.

The goal of this project is provide a tool easy to use for everyone, from developers currently using Drupal 8 and those who are planning to learn.

Migration - How to Tame the Data

Migration has become the standard method to upgrade Drupal sites between major versions and external sources. In this session you will learn how to set up a migration and how to overcome common gotchas. Finally you will learn the current state of migration in Drupal 8 and the differences from Drupal 7. You will leave this session with an improved understanding of how to approach migrations and how to plan for the road ahead.

Drupal 8 CMI on Managed Workflow

The Drupal 8 Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) is a straight up game changer for Drupal development and deployment. As much as we all love doing it live, no longer will this kind of human powered configuration replay in production be necessary. Instead, developers will be able to natively export their configuration to code and deploy that configuration to production using the CMI tools.