Using Slack and Bitbucket to work together while apart

Is your company interested in telecommuting, but is yet to take the plunge? Are you already trying it out, but want to know more?

Mediacurrent is an almost entirely remote company - a handful work in the office in Alpharetta, Georgia, but the rest of us work across the country in four time zones, and in over a dozen states. Our main tools for accomplishing this? Slack, Bitbucket, and some unique cultural tweaks.

Who Manages the Content Managers?

We trained a wide variety of Content Managers from different fields and differing levels of technical knowledge--Detectives, Engineers, Accountants, GIS Analysts, and Interns--when we moved to and Drupal as a CMS this past year.

You can't run a large website without knowledgable Content Managers. They're the ones who, if trained properly, will keep your site going for years and years. If they get the right training, they'll generally start teaching each other and the knowledge will become common instead of specialized.

Drupal - More than Just Content Management

In this session we will look at other business cases for using Drupal other than generic content management.  

  • What can Drupal do?
  • Integrating Drupal with other tools
  • Why conider Drupal as a platform for building software. 

We will look at real world situations where building an application in Drupal make sense including Code Consultants International's SaaS product.


What Tony Dungy Taught Me About Working With Drupal

In this talk, I'll discuss hypothetical, typical experiences we all face at some time as web developers and the thought process that goes behind how we nagivate through those experiences. Do we rely on old habits? Are those habits good habits? Have we even ever thought of how habits may be affecting how we work?

Let's get meta together! In addition to talking about habits and habit formation, I'll draw on my social psychology background (finally found a use for my original degree!), decision trees, and how we can use these tools to create processes that help expert and novice Drupalers alike better work more efficiently with Drupal.

10 Simple Rules for Making My Site Accessible

From the basic principle that the web should be great for everyone, The Accessibots are invading Denver to present an informative accessibility demo that will rock your world.


The Accessibots are a working group at Lullabot who are passionate about accessibility and want to share their knowledge with everybody!


The goal of this session is to introduce developers and site builders to web accessibility – what it is, why it’s important, and how to build and test sites to make them as accessible as possible.