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Description Track Level Speaker(s)
Training Check In

Check in for your training on Friday morning.

Friday Night Party

Join us at the Elevated Third offices for a game night of epic proportions. We'll have foos and ping pong brackets, Galaga (and other assorted arcade games), cornhole, card games and even Gitionary. Food, drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and good music will be provided, all you have to do is show up.

Saturday Morning Check In

In the Dance Studio.

Intro and Welcome

A quick word from the organizers.

Group Photograph

Stick around in the concert call so we can get a group photo.


Explore and find something great to eat.

Saturday Night Party

This year we are returning to Forest Room 5 in the LoHi neighborhood for DCCO's official Saturday Night Party. We'll meet for free food, drink and conversation immediately after sessions end (around 5 PM) until 8 PM, in Forest Room 5's lower room. There's a walking and biking path along the Cherry Creek that can be used to get from the Camp venue to LoHi. You can rent bikes for cheap at the many B-Cycle bike share stations on the Auraria Campus and drop them off at stations near Forest Room 5.

Sunday Morning Registration

If you just made it today, go ahead and check in at the dance studio.


Explore and find something good to eat.

Closing Session

Take a few minutes and say good bye!

Camp Retrospective

Stick around if you helped with this year's camp or want to help on next year's.

Start Successfully; Install Drupal Easily & Quickly

This will be the in-person version of my Udemy class, tailored to fit within 45 minutes and prepared for the possiblity that there won't be any wi-fi access.

Beginner Beginner vegantriathlete
Responsive Images in Drupal

Images have always been an especially tricky item in responsive designs. They need to look good in a variety of screen sizes, screen resolutions and minimally impact performance. HTML5 has solved that problem with the new <picture> element, but how do we use that in Drupal? Even trickier, how do we still maintain the level of control and consistency both clients and designers expect from Drupal?

Development and Site Building Intermediate jnettik
Digital Analytics 201: Why Raw Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story
Digital Analytics 201: Why Raw Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story
In this session, I'll talk about some of the basics of data science for the web. I want to share some of my experience and lessons I have learned on the front lines of working with customer-facing applications for [a large B2C company].
Business and Open Source Beginner lindsayo
10 Simple Rules for Making My Site Accessible

From the basic principle that the web should be great for everyone, The Accessibots are invading Denver to present an informative accessibility demo that will rock your world.


The Accessibots are a working group at Lullabot who are passionate about accessibility and want to share their knowledge with everybody!


The goal of this session is to introduce developers and site builders to web accessibility – what it is, why it’s important, and how to build and test sites to make them as accessible as possible. 


Development and Site Building Beginner KeyboardCowboy, helenasue
Theming for Performance

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing sites are also the slowest, but you don't have to limit yourself to square corners and solid background colors to speed up your Drupal site. There are a number of tips and simple techniques you can adopt in your current process to get both performance and great design in future projects.


While clear, many somehow forget the simple equation that:

Great design + fast loading pages + (great content of course) = more traffic.


Front End Intermediate mdorman
Making's Front-end Out of this World

The front-end requirements for modern websites are becoming increasingly complex. They need to be responsive, often have complex scroll interactions, involve many layers in their toolchains, and most of all they need to be fast on your desktop and on your phone. 

The redevelopment of in Drupal presented unique challenges that required us to pull out all the stops in order to deliver a beautiful, super fast site with a front-end architecture that makes it easy to adapt to the future.

Front End Advanced mherchel
Cat gifs. Also front-end build process.

Today’s front-end workflow benefits greatly from familiarity with a few key languages and libraries - this is especially true as we move closer to a D8 release date. The front-enders at Chapter Three came together to discuss standardizing projects; a goal that had raised much contention in the past. After several rounds of hand-to-hand combat, we were able to come together and produce a front-end build process that has increased productivity, decreased friction, and helped with posterity and team interoperability.

Front End Intermediate bollskis, SiegeAW
What Tony Dungy Taught Me About Working With Drupal

In this talk, I'll discuss hypothetical, typical experiences we all face at some time as web developers and the thought process that goes behind how we nagivate through those experiences. Do we rely on old habits? Are those habits good habits? Have we even ever thought of how habits may be affecting how we work?

Let's get meta together! In addition to talking about habits and habit formation, I'll draw on my social psychology background (finally found a use for my original degree!), decision trees, and how we can use these tools to create processes that help expert and novice Drupalers alike better work more efficiently with Drupal.

Beginner Beginner afinnarn
The Deployable Dev Stack

Are you sick of trying to figure out how to setup your local environment to closely mimic the live server? Have you ever said, “But it works locally!” Are you simply sick of manually running tasks over and over again like placing files or installing drupal/drush?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! Local development deserves the automation and ease that live and staging servers have using provisioning tools.

Your local machine is a server, too.

DevOps Intermediate timodwhit
I Cant Believe Its Not Code - Getting the Most out of Views

In this session we will dig deeper into views and look at how to do cool things with this powerful tool.

Development and Site Building Beginner Skessler
Drupal - More than Just Content Management

In this session we will look at other business cases for using Drupal other than generic content management.  

  • What can Drupal do?
  • Integrating Drupal with other tools
  • Why conider Drupal as a platform for building software. 

We will look at real world situations where building an application in Drupal make sense including Code Consultants International's SaaS product.


Business and Open Source Beginner Skessler
The Views Are Coming....Views in Drupal 8

We will take an introductory tour of Views in Drupal 8 and explore what is new and different in Drupal 8.  We will discuss best practices for using Views in Drupal 8.  

Development and Site Building Beginner Skessler
How to Sell Drupal

As we near the release of Drupal 8, there has never been a more exciting and significant time in the history of Drupal. The growth which it has seen over recent years is tremedous, and it appears that trend will continue (hopefully) over the years to come. As the Director of Business Development for an agency that specializes in Drupal-based solutions, I feel as though my job has only become easier as Drupal has carved out such a significant niche in the marketplace.

Business and Open Source hsliss
What is Symfony, and why should I care?

Last October, I attended Symfony LIVE in NY, and learned a lot about Symfony. More directly, for the past year and a half, I used Symfony as the underlying framework

Development and Site Building Intermediate databoy
Drupal 8 CMI on Managed Workflow

The Drupal 8 Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) is a straight up game changer for Drupal development and deployment. As much as we all love doing it live, no longer will this kind of human powered configuration replay in production be necessary. Instead, developers will be able to natively export their configuration to code and deploy that configuration to production using the CMI tools.

DevOps Intermediate populist
I Need a Translation: Devops and Sophisticated Workflows for Designers

"Devops" and "Front-End Developer" are hot buzzwords in the Drupal community today as we are all recognizing the value they bring to our organizations. For many shops these roles are fresh, and we are still figuring out how to un-silo our teams, optimize workflows, and communicate with one another. 


Design and Information Architecture Intermediate mariafromkorea, ethanhinson
Migration - How to Tame the Data

Migration has become the standard method to upgrade Drupal sites between major versions and external sources. In this session you will learn how to set up a migration and how to overcome common gotchas. Finally you will learn the current state of migration in Drupal 8 and the differences from Drupal 7. You will leave this session with an improved understanding of how to approach migrations and how to plan for the road ahead.

Development and Site Building Intermediate StevenWill
Who Manages the Content Managers?

We trained a wide variety of Content Managers from different fields and differing levels of technical knowledge--Detectives, Engineers, Accountants, GIS Analysts, and Interns--when we moved to and Drupal as a CMS this past year.

You can't run a large website without knowledgable Content Managers. They're the ones who, if trained properly, will keep your site going for years and years. If they get the right training, they'll generally start teaching each other and the knowledge will become common instead of specialized.

Business and Open Source Beginner omorrill
Introducing Backdrop CMS
Enable people to build highly customized websites, affordably, through collaboration and open source software.
Development and Site Building Beginner jenlampton, quicksketch
An Introduction to Containers

You've heard the term "containers." Maybe you've heard the buzz surrounding new technologies like Docker and CoreOS. They plaster the front pages of HackerNews, reddit and the blogosphere. 

DevOps Intermediate gabesullice
Contributing Client Work as a Culture

Everyone wants to give back to the Drupal community, but it's hard to find the motivation to write more code after a long day of client work. Good news! Plenty of contribution happens during the work day and it doesn't take sponsorship to afford it. Instead, create a culture that contributes client work. The Return On Investment is more than karma.

Development and Site Building Intermediate guschilds
Speeding up Drupal 8 development using Drupal Console

The Drupal Console is a suite of tools that you run on a command line interface (CLI) to generate boilerplate code and interact with a Drupal 8 installation.

Drupal Console is another cool addition to the Proudly Invented Elsewhere school of thought as it leverages the Symfony Console component to handle the CLI part.

The goal of this project is provide a tool easy to use for everyone, from developers currently using Drupal 8 and those who are planning to learn.

Development and Site Building Intermediate enzo
CTools Plugins Demystified

In the world of CTools and Panels there's often a bunch of magic that happens in the shadows that does a lot to help you out without your knowing about it.

If you were to shed some light on the shadows and look into the world of CTools plugins, you might find another world of leverage where you can easily bend your content and business logic to your will.

We'll talk about the more basic ones, contet type and access plugins, and then delve inot the fun world of contexts and relationships. There will be code, and death-defying live demonstrations.

Development and Site Building Intermediate vordude
The Flavors of SVG

There is so much more to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) than resolution independence. Unlike a static bitmap, SVG can be animated; styled with CSS; even generated dynamically from Drupal content.  

Front End Intermediate pixelwhip
Using Slack and Bitbucket to work together while apart

Is your company interested in telecommuting, but is yet to take the plunge? Are you already trying it out, but want to know more?

Mediacurrent is an almost entirely remote company - a handful work in the office in Alpharetta, Georgia, but the rest of us work across the country in four time zones, and in over a dozen states. Our main tools for accomplishing this? Slack, Bitbucket, and some unique cultural tweaks.

Business and Open Source Beginner alexdmccabe
Caching Data for Site Performance

We all live in the world of Big Data. With the increased prevalance of third party databases, and the need for multiple queries and joins, I'm going to go over some simple caching techniques to reduce the number of external database calls, decrease page load time, and improve user experience.

Development and Site Building Intermediate choicelildice
ELK in a Box: Logs You Will Actually Look At

WSOD happens, hopefully not in PROD... When things go wrong people start digging into log files, but which log do you need? Drupal, webserver, database, cache? And which entries matters in the thousands and thousands of lines?

DevOps Beginner fullerja
Estimation - The Art and Science

*** Presented at Drupalcon LA 2015 to a full house of estimation enthusiasts.  This session will include parts of that presentation and expand even further upon those concepts.


Why as a software industry are we struggling so often with hitting our estimates?  Does the problems reside in the way we are estimating a project or the way we are executing them?  Through 30+ years of modern software development what have we learned and what are we continuing to struggle with today?  

Business and Open Source Intermediate jsnoles49
What to measure and why to obtain the best customer satisfaction in Drupal support

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein, Physicist

Business and Open Source Intermediate akucharski Adopts Drupal, Learns Some Things

In 2013,’s managers at Colorado Interactive decided to move the state’s content infrastructure to Drupal. What ensued were several projects, each more ambitious in nature, using Drupal to empower hundreds of state and local government entities in Colorado. With both big wins and epic fails throughout the process, the common thread leading through it all is the same one that powers Drupal itself: Come for the software, stay for the community.

Business and Open Source Beginner zekeweeks, The_MJW
Building on D7

This is an overview of how the new site was built. I'd like to cover the modules that were used such as Beans, Panels, Context etc.... and how they played a role in the site architecture of the new portal. 

Site builders will benefit the most from this session as we:

  • Explore the modules put to use.
  • Go over site architecture.
  • Discuss the Author experience.

The Modules we talk about (for the most part):

Development and Site Building Beginner alne1147
Distributions: Learning from Others

Drupal comes with some assembly required.  Drupal core itself is pretty bare bones.  Thanks to several thousand contributed modules, virtually any functionality is possible.  Distributions take those modules, combine them with configuration to serve a specific use case.  There are almost 500 distributions on, so it is possible there’s one that might meet your needs, or a lot of them.

Distributions are also often big, enabling over 100 modules, and notoriously hard to update.

Development and Site Building Beginner Gregg Marshall
Tips and Tricks for Legacy Sites

It happens to everyone. We can't only build new sites from scratch. Legacy might mean a site built on Drupal 6 filled with out of date modules, or it could be something recent where the original developers moved on. So, how do I change this one line? What's placing (or not placing) that block on the page? Making changes in either case to an unfamiliar site can be daunting. But, with a few tips and tricks the process can involve slightly less hair loss. I'll provide examples from a number of the sites I've worked on over the last few years.

Beginner Beginner johne
Fields of Dreams: Using the Field API
The Field API is spectacular. It is not only awesome for developers who are looking to define a custom field, but for those that are looking to display content in a certain way. When coupled with the Field Group API, you are able to unlock the strengths of Thor on your content types.
Front End Intermediate timodwhit
Translate in Drupal 8: A New Era in Translation Has Begun

Drupal 8's new and improved multilingual tools open a world of translation capabilities for users of the Lingotek Translation contribution module for Drupal. The majority of Drupal 7's contributed multilingual modules have been replaced with just a few Drupal core modules - making D8 more multilingual out of the box. Lingotek builds on top of that increased functionality to offer users a complete translation and localization experience.


Development and Site Building Beginner ssorenson13
Create a Mobile Self-guided Tour Using Drupal 8 and PhoneGap

Helpful resources for this session are available at:

We'll explore Drupal 8's built-in web services and use them to power a mobile app "right out of the box". The presentation room will be turned into a museum where close proximity to exhibits will trigger rich content shown on iOS and Android devices (courtesy of D8 website JSON data!).

Development and Site Building Intermediate owntheweb
Visual/CSS Regression Testing -- Catching the "unintended consequences" of modifying your theme

Have you ever spent hours poring over a web application when making changes to the theme, looking for the consequences of CSS style rules that are too broad?  Ever made changes to a client's website, only to find out the theming for the newly designed front page totally screwed up the formatting on the product pricing page -- after you deployed the changes?

You are not alone.

Front End Intermediate lhridley
Page Layouts with Drupal

There are many ways to acheive complex page layouts in Drupal. A complex page may contain a mix of node content, Drupal Core blocks, Views blocks and other elements. Come learn about different page layout methods including:

  1. Panels
  2. Context
  3. Display Suite
  4. Custom Code

You'll leave with more confidence about when to use a particular layout method and have the knowledge of its pros & cons. 

Development and Site Building Intermediate joelsteidl
Building a new Drupal-based SaaS product - tales from the front lines



I'll take you behind the scenes of a Drupal-based SaaS product company and show the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

The startup I'm co-founding, roomify, provides solutions for online bookings for all markets, with an initial focus on travel.

I will talk about:

1. How we build and manage the Drupal distributions that are the core of our products.

Business and Open Source Beginner acrollet
Design Is Not About Handing Off, It's About Holding Hands

Where should you draw the line between design and development? You shouldn't!

In this session we will talk about how designers and developers should collaborate on a project from start to finish. We will explore what a designer sees vs what a developer sees in project files, wireframes and research, as well as, the balance between communication and documentation.

Design and Information Architecture Beginner E3Creatives

Managing projects can be confusing and chaotic. Waterfall can help you define a project up front, but there is no such thing as a fixed scope. This is especially true in the world of digital experiences. Cowboy and Extreme programming can scare clients. It can lead to miscommunication. It does not have to be this way. Project management starts from initial client contracting right through to delivery of a system and support of that project. Effective project managers have made a science of mitigating risk, thrilling clients, managing budgets, and keeping projects on time.

Business and Open Source Beginner MatthewS
Druplex: Drupal 7 RESTful API With Silex

What Is That Dang Thing?

In this talk, we'll cover grafting Silex on to an existing Drupal 7 site so it can provide a RESTful API to the Drupal data.

Specifically, for a crazy edge case of using a virtual world's in-game scripting language you've never heard of (LSL) to query a Drupal 7 site.

The github repo is here:


I needed to do it, and you might need to as well.

Development and Site Building Intermediate Mile23
Advanced Drupal Security for Developers

Well well well. Let's look at Drupal Security for developers and themers.

First, we'll look at the most common security vulnerabilities that are found in Drupal. Then we'll look at actual ways to exploit those vulnerabilities (with sample exploits you can try out yourself!). Then we'll talke about the ways to fix vulnerabilities. Finally, we'll wrap up the session with some quick tips of management practices and modules to install to make your site more secure.

Specifically this will cover:

Development and Site Building Advanced greggles
Drush for site builders and developers: work faster and smarter

You know you should be using drush, but why? And how?

This session will look at:

DevOps Intermediate greggles
Teaching Kids to Code - The Next Gen of Drupalers

The Drupal community, like other free software communities, tends to be very focused on the current version of its software, or perhaps building the next version. However, when we are thinking about the next generation of Drupalers, it can be helpful to broaden our mindset and consider not just how to teach Drupal, but how we can teach young kids the skills required for to them learn Drupal. One way to do this is to teach our kids to code.

Defining Design

Whether it’s designing in the browser, a prototyping tool, or heck, even a photography application, design has to start somewhere. But what’s the best approach? The sooner we let go of our tools and realize that the process is about the outcomes, the sooner we can make meaningful progress designing websites.

The time of Designers handing off full page comps is long gone. As front-end development shifts to more modular approaches, how does design change to better collaborate in this new ecosystem?

Design and Information Architecture Beginner kenwoodworth
Point-and-Click Drupal DevOps for AWS & DigitalOcean

Use Free and Open Source tools to:

+ Setup dev, test, stage, and prod environments under your own AWS and

DO accounts

+ Deploy auto-scaling and auto-healing clusters on AWS with one click

+ Automate backups, monitoring, and alerts


Setup your own SDLC using git-flow

DevOps Intermediate sklakhani