Who Manages the Content Managers?

Room 203

We trained a wide variety of Content Managers from different fields and differing levels of technical knowledge--Detectives, Engineers, Accountants, GIS Analysts, and Interns--when we moved to ColoradoSprings.gov and Drupal as a CMS this past year.

You can't run a large website without knowledgable Content Managers. They're the ones who, if trained properly, will keep your site going for years and years. If they get the right training, they'll generally start teaching each other and the knowledge will become common instead of specialized.

The problem is that these employees have 40+ hours a week already. So when a manager tosses their department's web content on them it takes time to learn and it's generally hard for them to get away from their regular work.

In this presentation we'll explain what our strategy was for getting all of our content owners up and running on Drupal. We'll explain how we approached this training and what we found that worked. Also, we'll report on one full year of running of a Drupal website with content managers from over 30 different departments.

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