What is Symfony, and why should I care?

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Last October, I attended Symfony LIVE in NY, and learned a lot about Symfony. More directly, for the past year and a half, I used Symfony as the underlying framework for an Admin site and a RESTful API used by half the NFL, pro-baseball and consumed by mobile devices (iPads and Surfaces).

Symfony has been added to Drupal 8, so what's the deal? What are the typical features and principles in Symfony that developers use? What are some of the gotchas?

[edit] As promised, here's the link to the slides: http://bit.ly/1I7h12A

If you have questions about Symfony, please feel free to contact me, using my email: "chris" [@] "databoy" [.] "biz" [@nd that's it.]



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This is going to be a good one.