Start Successfully; Install Drupal Easily & Quickly

Room 101

This will be the in-person version of my Udemy class, tailored to fit within 45 minutes and prepared for the possiblity that there won't be any wi-fi access.

If you want to learn how to "do Drupal" then you first need to install it someplace. This session will show you five different options for installing Drupal to make sure that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. As time permits, the session will also cover some important things a person new to Drupal should also make sure to do to get started on the path to Drupal mastery.

I will be making free coupon codes available for all DCCO attendees, whether or not they attend this session so that people can go through the course at their own pace.

Access the free coupon.



Marc is well versed in this process and offered some good tips and tricks. I plan to go through his Udemy course as well.