Point-and-Click Drupal DevOps for AWS & DigitalOcean

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Use Free and Open Source tools to:

+ Setup dev, test, stage, and prod environments under your own AWS and

DO accounts

+ Deploy auto-scaling and auto-healing clusters on AWS with one click

+ Automate backups, monitoring, and alerts


Setup your own SDLC using git-flow

+ create environments across hosting companies

+ eg: develop on DO and deploy production to AWS Cluster

+ Use git-flow for managing code and developers

+ create unlimited feature branches and sites

+ backup & restore sites across hosting companies

+ link your own github and bitbucket repos


Setup collaborative development

+ Setup projects with servers, sites, repos and workflows

+ Setup and manage teams with unlimited users

+ Restrict user access to projects with teams

+ Automate SSH key management across servers & sites


Never worry about security patches and updates

+ Have your OS automatically updated for vulnerabilities

+ eg: Heart Bleed and Shell Shock


Reduce your hosting costs by over 50%

+ Import sites into your own DO or AWS account

+ Run up to 6 low traffic sites on $5/month DO servers

+ Run auto-scaling clusters on AWS for as little as $100/month