An Introduction to Containers

Room 203

You've heard the term "containers." Maybe you've heard the buzz surrounding new technologies like Docker and CoreOS. They plaster the front pages of HackerNews, reddit and the blogosphere. 

If you've wondered just what the big deal is and what they are, this is a simple, what, why, and a how-to for containerization and how you can use it with Drupal. Simply put, containerization enables you to scale your apps with increasing ease. For developers, you can abstract away your infrastructure and stop worrying about developing, testing, and running in identical environments - it's all the same inside your container.

In this session, we'll go over, in broad strokes, what containers are, why you'd want to use them, and how you can get a simple Drupal container app up and running.

Post-prez Resources: (Best contact)


Slidedeck (These docs are fantastic, especially the "Getting started with... x" links)

The Changelog: Docker, LXC and dotCloud with Solomon Hykes (Great podcast on Docker, great podcast in general)

Docker for PHP Developers