I Need a Translation: Devops and Sophisticated Workflows for Designers

Room 103

"Devops" and "Front-End Developer" are hot buzzwords in the Drupal community today as we are all recognizing the value they bring to our organizations. For many shops these roles are fresh, and we are still figuring out how to un-silo our teams, optimize workflows, and communicate with one another. 


At Bluetent we discovered that our Developers and Devops Team, for the most part, "speak the same language".... a somewhat foreign language to our Designers and Front-End Devs. Everyone was expected to use the same tools, yet 1/3 of the team had only a fragmented understanding of how they actually worked, leading to inefficiencies and errors.  


Just like a foreign language, we saw that repeated explanations *might get us a little further each time, but we had a communication barrier, plain and simple. Why? Because our brains work differently. This session aims to demystify Devops and the local dev workflow for visually driven designers/front-end developers through Visual Communication. After all, if you are a Designer or Front-End Dev, you are in the business of Visual Communication my friend!


We will cover:

- What is devops, and why it is important to integrated un-siloed teams of designers and developers

- Visual explanation of Github, local dev workflows, and virtualbox

- Visual Explanation of Jenkins: What is he, how does he work, how does he automate tasks

- Creating custom bash scripts to meet your teams needs

- Automating testing with behat


This is talk is for Designers / Front End Devs who:

... are visual thinkers/learners seeking a deeper understanding of devops, github, and the local dev workflow

... are working on teams with drupal/software developers

... are not, and do not want to be server experts

... want to understand what their devops team is doing, but within the scope of relevance

... could use some help with github/version control philosophy and processes

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