Defining Design

Concert Hall

Whether it’s designing in the browser, a prototyping tool, or heck, even a photography application, design has to start somewhere. But what’s the best approach? The sooner we let go of our tools and realize that the process is about the outcomes, the sooner we can make meaningful progress designing websites.

The time of Designers handing off full page comps is long gone. As front-end development shifts to more modular approaches, how does design change to better collaborate in this new ecosystem?

At Aten, we've been designing websites since before CSS-based approaches were a thing. Along the way we've adapted to the constant changes by staying nimble and revisiting our approach to design. This session aims to tackle the role design plays throughout the lifecycle of a project, big or small.

A few questions this session will answer:

  • What does a modern design process look like?

  • What are the outcomes of this process?

  • What tools exist to make this process easier?

  • How can teams collaborate on designing beautiful, usable websites?

  • How dead is Photoshop?
Design and Information Architecture