Building a new Drupal-based SaaS product - tales from the front lines

Room 103



I'll take you behind the scenes of a Drupal-based SaaS product company and show the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

The startup I'm co-founding, roomify, provides solutions for online bookings for all markets, with an initial focus on travel.

I will talk about:

1. How we build and manage the Drupal distributions that are the core of our products.

2. How we develop modules and make decisions about what features to focus on next.

3. How and why we decided to make our products completely open-source.

4. How we keep the issue queues of our modules sane.

5. How we deploy our products for clients, collect payments and keep everyone happy.

6. How we still manage to get some sleep at night (occasionally)

If you are thinking of building a Drupal-based SaaS product, this session is for you. It will be a no-holds barred exposé of all the challenges we are facing.

If you make it through this session and still want to build a product, you should - you clearly are not thinking rationally and thus have the perfect mindset to become an entrepreneur!


Business and Open Source