Create a Mobile Self-guided Tour Using Drupal 8 and PhoneGap

Room 203

Helpful resources for this session are available at:

We'll explore Drupal 8's built-in web services and use them to power a mobile app "right out of the box". The presentation room will be turned into a museum where close proximity to exhibits will trigger rich content shown on iOS and Android devices (courtesy of D8 website JSON data!).

A bulk of this presentation will focus on configuring a "Point of Interest" content type and exposing it via RESTful web services that other systems can easily absorb. We'll then flash through the process of triggering that content using JavaScript, PhoneGap, iBeacons and other exciting technologies.

For those interested in diving deeper into PhoneGap, a follow-up BoF session will be provided (time TBD).

Expect to leave with many more questions than you walked in with (but also inspired with some direction). ;)


If you desire to take the "tour" with your phone or tablet during the session (not required):

iPhone/iPad users: send me your device UDID a couple hours BEFORE the session if not sooner so that I can authorize your phone to install the dev app.

Android users: While in theory this will work on your phone, I doubt it will (haven't had access to the hardware to test recently). I could use a couple of brave souls with Android v4.3+ to find meĀ  so that we can test/troubleshoot the app. Otherwise, I should have it nailed before D8 is officially released. ;)

Development and Site Building


Looking forward to seeing this!